Re-engaging an apathetic audience for Cancer Research UK

Cancer became the forgotten issue during the pandemic. 45,000 fewer people started treatment than before COVID-19. Cancer Research UK’s fundraising efforts were impacted, and Race for Life events suffered a participation shortfall in 2021. 

Generating ‘out of season’ sign-ups is always challenging – particularly during a pandemic – but they are crucial to establishing base-level participation.  

We were brought on board to solve this problem for 2022, tackling it by creating an engaging social-first campaign that struck a chord with an untapped community. 

Social media sensation Charity Shop Sue fronted it to create high levels of positive action, and we delivered record-breaking out of season sign-ups – without a paid media plan in sight.

- Instagram and TikTok delivered a reach of over 205K unique users, 83K three second video views and 14k valued engagements (likes, comments, saves) in the first few days

- We shard teaser outtakes/bloopers video which generated over 90K video views and 4K total valued engagements on TikTok – a channel where CRUK originally had zero presence

- Our content achieved an average engagement rate of 6.8% across both Instagram and TikTok (1% higher than Sue’s average engagement rate)

Not too shabby. Or as Sue would say: “you struck gold laydehs!”

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