During the month of January, McDonald’s ran the Appy Days promotion – a month long campaign of money-saving deals, available exclusively on the My McDonald’s app. We were focusing on hero products and one of these was ‘Free Fries Friday’.

The idea started with a question - “How do you market a product that everyone already knows?” It was this search for a new angle that found us scouring the product page of the website. Here we saw that McDonald’s refer to the famous fries as ‘fluffy on the inside, hard on the outside’.

When Joe Marler was suggested it just seemed to make perfect sense. He was perfect for the target audience, and has a good sense of humour. He also had a very engaged social audience which was key to getting people excited about the promotion – and downloading the app.

Post filming, and once the content went live, the social media reaction was electric. Then it happened, the Piers-du-resistance! Piers Morgan had previously retweeted the content, but then went one step further and played the full piece of content on air on Good Morning Britain. Five mins after his comments, a surge of app downloads and searches for ‘free fries’ skyrocketed.

Searches for the My McDonald’s app rose by 200% on the morning the Good Morning Britain piece aired. Overall recognition of the My McDonald’s App rose by 83% in the five-day period after. This also delivered commercially for McDonald’s which, as you might expect, is about the limit of what we can say. But it did.